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At AMAZING GRACE, our mission is to assist funeral homes in creating meaningful funerals that help families honor the lives of those they love. We do this by providing superior funeral products and services that help funeral professionals serve grieving families during a most difficult time. There is a wealth of information provided in this section to help you deal with the many emotions that result from the loss of a loved one.

The Benefits of a Funeral

A funeral is an important part of grieving, and often the first step in the healing process. For thousands of years, funerals have been the preferred means of expressing grief and paying tribute to loved ones.

When dealing with loss and grief, there is no single solution that meets the needs of every individual. The type of service chosen is largely based on the personal preferences of both the survivors and the deceased. The important thing is that you acknowledge the passing of a loved one in a way that is meaningful and helpful in your healing, and that you realize you are not alone. Your local funeral home and licensed funeral director are trained to help you through this difficult time.

Services of Funeral Directors

The funeral director's most important role is helping you. Making any kind of funeral arrangements involves many choices and decisions. Funeral service professionals give you and your family the information you need to make the right choices. Because they understand your need to consider all available options, your funeral director will fully explain these options and take time to answer your questions.

Licensed and trained funeral directors help with both the practical arrangements and the emotional issues involved in planning a funeral. On the practical side, they typically remove the deceased from the place of death, obtain the required legal documents, and prepare the body for viewing, if desired. Once you and your family are satisfied with your decisions regarding services, burial or cremation, your funeral director will arrange for the final disposition, provide facilities for the visitation and funeral service, and transport the deceased and mourners to the place of final disposition.

Your funeral director will take great pains to plan a fitting tribute to your loved one. In fact, he or she will insist on taking an active role in helping you plan a personal and meaningful ceremony to begin the healing process. After the service, your funeral professional can also provide support materials to help you deal with your grief.

Understanding Grief

Grief is not an illness, but rather a natural and necessary journey that follows the death of someone we love. As such, it deserves our attention and respect, as well as the support of others, if we are to heal.

In this area, we offer practical direction and emotional support in better understanding the grieving process.

Learning that you or someone you love is seriously or terminally ill is a blow to everyone the news touches. If the onset of the illness was sudden or unexpected, you and the rest of your family will likely feel shock and numbness. This is a natural and necessary response to painful news.

You can only cope with this new reality in doses. You will first come to understand it with your head, and only over the weeks and even months to come will you begin to understand it with your heart.